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Capitol City Partners INC.

The changing economy commands a new approach to investing.

Savvy investors never underestimate the market. They adapt – quickly. At Capitol City Partners, we provide access to asset-backed investing alternatives shown to deliver superior rates of return for qualified high-net-worth investors.

Capitol City Partners

Partner with an experienced team of fund managers who are able to pinpoint cycles and trends in the market and capitalize on outstanding investment opportunities in the Northern California and Bay areas. Driven to surpass your financial goals, we assist investors in leveraging high-yield alternative investment strategies to boost returns on pension plans and retirement funds.

Fund Management

Leveraging years of experience and a vast professional network, we uncover, evaluate and acquire significantly undervalued assets to boost portfolio growth while mitigating risk. read more


We study, research and analyze market opportunities, employing proprietary strategies at precisely the right moment to capitalize on high-yield alternative investment opportunities. read more