Fund Management

Capitol City Partners works hard to uncover undervalued assets in the local market so our clients reap solid returns independent of stock market volatility and risk. We back your investment goals with a full-service team of advisors, researchers and investment professionals who are committed to an elevated standard of professionalism and transparency.

Benefit from our expansive network of engineers, business owners and founders, private investors, developers and consultants who intimately understand asset valuation and potential. Pair this with our own innovative, alternative investment strategies, meticulous attention to detail and three-step system for analyzing and forecasting investment performance and you'll see why our fund management services reap superior rates of return while minimizing risk.

Nate Sisam, founder and fund manager at Capitol City Partners, brings to the company years of experience as a professional investor, business owner and engineer. Over the course of his career, he has developed highly accurate mathematical models used to analyze various aspects of asset classes and has consulted start-ups within a broad range of fields. He's recognized for his ability to devise investing techniques that use defensive tax strategies to outpace most readily available investment options.

Nate has been instrumental in developing Capitol City Partners' investment evaluation process, currently in charge of investment activity oversight and local investment opportunity vetting. Prior to launching the company, Nate built a highly successful automotive-based business from the ground up through divestiture. Mr. Sisam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from California State University Sacramento. He enjoys traveling, hiking, cycling, yoga, archery and classic motorcycles.